Severe Drought Devastating Ethiopia

Global warming is real, and the effects of climate change felt across the globe, more so in the African continent, where drought has led to unprecedented humanitarian crisis. The horn of Africa has particularly been incredibly unlucky for the past several years as the droughts are coming more frequently and they are worse.

Ethiopia is experiencing their worst famine in the recent years, probably like the devastating famine the country experienced in the 1980’s. The severe drought is affecting over ten million people across the country, who depend on food aid from the government and other international agencies.



The drought in Ethiopia, brought on by warming temperatures in the Indian Ocean has ravaged the flocks of the herders in the region and left people without food. The nomads from the lowland region of the country are clustered in camps surviving on aid after their sheep and goats died, joining their counterparts from the highland region who are just recovering from the effects of the previous year’s worst drought.


The number of people in Ethiopia who need emergency food assistance is estimated to be equal to that of South Sudan and Somalia combined. The country needs funds in excess of $1 Billion to confront the crisis which the government cannot handle without the assistance of international agencies.


The government, in order to protect the country from looking bad internationally, is downplaying the severity of the crisis. The leadership took long time to admit the problem as they did not want to go back to being associated with drought and famine now that the country had gained a reputation as Africa’s rising star.

Drought conditions are expected to persist due to the failed and inconsistent rainfall, and peak during the dry December to March season. This is likely to lead to deterioration of livestock conditions and nutrition of  families whose livelihoods depend on livestock.



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