Crisis In South Sudan

South Sudan is the youngest nation in the world, joining the community of Nations about a slightly over a decade ago after gaining its independence from the original Sudan. As a young nation, it is supposed to be enjoying its first decade of independence, but instead their independence liberty was short lived. The then Sudan peoples’ liberation movement that fought for independence is now divided and fighting for power. A political fight erupted immediately after the death of the founding leader, Dr John Garang, and the current president Salva Kiir succeeded him.


In December 2013, president Salva Kiir accused his vice president of an attempted coup and a violence erupted. War erupted and spread like bushfire killing hundreds and displacing more than 400,000 civilians in just the first month of the crisis. A handful of signed peace agreements has yielded no fruits leaving a more unstable situation for the country. Bloodshed, hunger and starvation have since become the order of the day in the country.


On the other hand the government has also borrowed billions from the oil companies on top of other debts from the same source. The negotiations have no clear agenda since they’ve been discussed behind closed doors, which is worrying the citizens since they have no idea about what terms the money is being borrowed.


The major cause of conflict in the country is only speculative to be politically driven, but this could only be a cover up for other external vested interests. The oil in South Sudan is totally power quenching.  It is something that every other power thirst person would certainly thrust to.  The oil has been one hell of a brutal conflicting era in south Sudan. The civilians are deliberately targeted in order to contract the SPLA‘s support. It’s possible that the continued killings and resource scarcity around the country will leave half the population homeless and hungry.


Many nations from around the region and major world powers have interests in the conflict’s outcome. They do not avail resources to fund calming hostilities among the warring factions in the country, but very specifically to aid the faction beneficial to them in one way or the other. With these regions, playing dormant in aiding the country, it is foreseen to encounter the same condition in the future, since, it is internally lit.


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