The apartheid was a system of institutionalized racial segregation in South Africa, under the white minority rule but after the new policy was established in 1948, it became stricter and more systematic. The apartheid oppressed the blacks giving favour of recognition to the whites. The law was supposed to deny certain rights to the blacks and offer them to the whites. The blacks could not visit, work or live in certain areas especially in the rich areas. Posters showing prohibition to the blacks were put in place strategically, regardless whether it is a public beach, a public hospital or a public school.

apartheid 2

The blacks could not own land in certain areas especially in Johannesburg with loads of gold. The whites could only use the blacks to work in the mines but they could later leave to be with their families away from the mines. This oppression was this much cruel as to deny intermarriage between people from different races.

apartheid pic

Two decades after the apartheid that ended in 1994 when Nelson Mandela became president, violence kicked off against foreign Africans who settled in South Africa. Locals strongly protested against and attacked them resulting to deaths and fear that crippled the foreigners’ safety. The locals believed that they were the reason for low job opportunities and rising crime rates leading to xenophobic attacks.


Due to political scapegoating, many South African citizens perceive foreign Africans as a serious threat that needs seizure possible. This belief is stronger among most of the locals living in poor towns and weird settlements where they seriously compete equally with poor African immigrants for the scarce resources and opportunities. By blaming foreign nationals for its failures to deliver on its responsibilities, the South African government is unfortunately displaying an obvious if sorry signs of weak and incompetent leadership.


Attitudes are not always a good predictor of behaviour, rather ample research evidence shows that the violence is triggered by `micro politics` at play in many of country`s towns and poor settlements.



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