It is clearly easy to flirt with the wildlife and landscape of Madagascar of over 200000 different species, with about 80%  being unique to the island. The beauty of white sand beaches, mountains, waterfalls and traditional villages is more than mesmerizing. The problem is that this island does not receive tourists. Well, if it does, it does not contribute much to the country’s economy.


In any case, getting around is quite effort requiring, flying to Madagascar is quite inconvenient too since flights are easily cancelled, and majorly this is due to political instability. Since independence from France in 1960, Madagascar has had a socialist isolation and an episode of unrest that came in recently in 2009 when the mayor of Antananarivo Andry Rajoelina seized presidency through a military coup. Foreign governments warned their citizens against touring Madagascar although tour operators confirmed it to be safe for visiting. They since then remained adamant, which is still the case until now.



However, the island still maintains its natural habitats despite scarce visitation. In Africa, the fear of wild mammals attack, confines one to a jeep, this gives a tour to Madagascar advantageous since expeditions can be made on foot and at night.



The present lack of tourists in Madagascar is both due safety fears and under par marketing by the government. Areas like Manafiafy beach has been delightfully undiscovered and unexplored which could be a lifeline for the tourist industry.


The bold environmental vision of Marc Ravalomanana ,the previous president, went some ways to protecting wildlife as well as highlighting the island`s appeal.  However, these plans have stalled and their positive anticipation has reversed, since poaching and illegal export of rosewood has once again risen.


Travelling here is a suggestive way to making a clear cut solution for the economy. The adamant isolation of Madagascar by tourists could soon lead to extinction of Madagascar`s rampant natural resources.


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