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The apartheid was a system of institutionalized racial segregation in South Africa, under the white minority rule but after the new policy was established in 1948, it became stricter and more systematic. The apartheid oppressed the blacks giving favour of recognition to the whites. The law was supposed […]


It is clearly easy to flirt with the wildlife and landscape of Madagascar of over 200000 different species, with about 80% ┬ábeing unique to the island. The beauty of white sand beaches, mountains, waterfalls and traditional villages is more than mesmerizing. The problem is that this island does […]

The DRC, A Land of Vast Resources

The Democratic Republic of Congo is considerably the wealthiest in the planet in terms of the natural resources. The natural resources found in DR Congo include diamonds, gold, coltan, uranium, tin, copper, cobalt, oil and tungsten. This makes DRC potentially one of the richest countries in the world, […]

The Unrest In Burundi

Protests in Burundi were sparked by president Nkurunziza’s expression on seeking re-election to a third term presidential office holder. Demonstrations erupted in the capital Bujumbura lasting for 3 weeks. Because of the protests, the government shut the internet and telephone network. All the universities in the country were […]

The Rwanda Resurgence

Since the end of the genocide over 22 years ago, Rwanda has made stunning progress under the leadership of President Paul Kagame. The president was a former rebel leader and he took over power in 1994 after he led his forces to end the genocide, which had led […]

The Egyptian Revolution: From Bad to Worse

The famous Arab uprising or revolution that swept across Northern African countries and some of their counterparts in the Middle East led to a lot of deaths, displacement and political instability across the region. In Egypt, the revolution in 2011 literally turned on the state’s expectations. Demands reigned […]

Crisis In South Sudan

South Sudan is the youngest nation in the world, joining the community of Nations about a slightly over a decade ago after gaining its independence from the original Sudan. As a young nation, it is supposed to be enjoying its first decade of independence, but instead their independence […]