Crisis In South Sudan

South Sudan is the youngest nation in the world, joining the community of Nations about a slightly over a decade ago after gaining its independence from the original Sudan. As a young nation, it is supposed to be enjoying its first decade of independence, but instead their independence […]

Uganda, The Food Basket of Africa

Africa is often referred as the land of hunger, poverty, malnutrition, undemocratic institutions and a continent that can only depend on international aids. This misrepresentation of facts and negative publicity has led many people around the globe to underrate Africa and fail to appreciate the strengths and potential […]

Severe Drought Devastating Ethiopia

Global warming is real, and the effects of climate change felt across the globe, more so in the African continent, where drought has led to unprecedented humanitarian crisis. The horn of Africa has particularly been incredibly unlucky for the past several years as the droughts are coming more […]

Shock As Prominent Kenyans Die

It has come as a shock to the people of the Republic as prominent personalities die in quick succession, in a span of two weeks. These include persons who have served in top government positions for years since independence. G.G. Kariuki He has served in senior positions in […]